I thought milk is giving me acne, but i switched to keto, and i still have pimples here and there...

i thought milk is giving me acne, but i switched to keto, and i still have pimples here and there, and doing OMAD fasting schedule.
Or is it fats from dairy causing it like heavy cream etc.


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>he still thinks the food you eat affects acne
it's entirely genetic brah

ive read variety of opinions, varying from diet, hygiene, bad chemicals used for said hygiene, hormones, stress and more and im trying to figure out what causes it in my case

dont get me wrong its not terrible in my case, pimple on shoulders or back, worst on chest but its not even as bad as some anons post or some roiders.

Chest is probably most annoying
oh well enjoying post workout cocoa powder with whole milk because fuck

dairy products, high glucose, spicy food or lots of fat

try cutting out one or more of those for minimum 2 weeks and see if theres any difference

or try face routine

Nope milk causes me to break out horribly

you're probably quactoast intolerant.

thats it im dropping keto, still going to do OMAD
fuck that shit i cant be assed fucking around with shit like coconut flour and other soy shit

It's because you're a teenager.

>tfw soon 23 and still breaking out from milk
>at the same time, I am still growing and grew 2" last year
mixed feels of being a late bloomer with no beard growth at all

do a elimination diet

im 25 bro

does it consist of healthy dose of helium?
if yes then sign me the f up

You have to wait 3 months to see actual results for *any* type of acne treatment

well then

lets jsut say i had carb cheat day today
i just fricking love grilled cheese sandwiches and keto bread is too much shit to bother with

It's 100% genetics for me. 29 now and tried everything with multiple dermatologists with very little permanent effect. Looks like accutane awaits

Eat veg, meat, berries, some nuts and fruits
Drink only water
Get sun
Stop using perfumes and chemicals on your body
Get an all natural soap
Change your sheets every few days.

>getting sun
no thanks!

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>Buying Vitamin D supplements.
what are you nigger?


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Testosterone causes acne. Genetic soyboys that lack functioning androgen receptors don't get it.

i have rather high forehead and store all fat on chest