Finally got a GF and I think she's cheating on me

>be me
>finally lock down QT GF
>couple years in and it's great
>recently she's changed
>She makes me have sex with her 2 times a day
>She treats me like a piece of meat for her to cum on
>She literally ignores me all day except when she wants to have sex
>She is a mega slut when her clothes come off. Deepthroats me, rides me all sorts of ways to show off her ass, makes me call her a slut/whore
>makes me fuck her real hard for long periods of time
Lately she's been coming home late, sometimes drunk and makes me fuck her brains out, then completely ignores me, gets on her phone texting and laughing with her "work out friends". I'm beginning to think she's having an emotional affair with some beta boy who can't fuck her right. She had a breakdown a month ago about how were not on the same page and that she isn't sure if we are meant to be together.


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You’re fucked OP

>bull getting cucked

She’s for the team, lemme get my points Bruh I’m tryna buss on her chest

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user you don't have a girlfriend. You have a fuckbuddy.'re the side dick.

Talk to her about your issues? Why the fuck are you asking me dude I jerk off to anime all day...

we live together...

>lock down

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>not wanting to be used

you sound like a bitch

Talk to her OP. Communication is really important. Bring up your grievances and problems in a calm manner. Be prepared to work out any problems, but also don't be afraid to leave.

I don't understand women very well. Why are you asking us. There's a board specifically for advice you know.

Forget about having a GF just try to get as much quality pussy as you can maybe get a bitch or two pregnant.


And they know less about women than we do.

You are the side dick.

Being the side dick is about being the guy she likes/sort of likes, who fucks her brains out reliably.
You're an accessory to her life.
A man who exists in her life solely as sexual pleasure and an raw emotional thrill.

Think I'm kidding?
Deny her the dick.
Watch how quickly your relationship sours.

I tried. She said everything is fine and kinda made fun of me for it. Yesterday was weird because she came home at 10:30 to have sex with me then got ready and left right after. Then she was gone until 1030pm and I was woken up to her blowing me then riding me. then this morning she made me fuck her from behind and then got ready and left, hardly said goodbye.

I'm just kinda pissed because I've turned down so many advances from other women since we've been together.

That's impressive

I've tried to deny the dick, but she knows what to do, I can't say no for more than 45 seconds.

>Just want a cuddly and cute gf who can hold hands with me and spends time with me so I wont be alone
>last ex treated me like a piece of sex meat and nearly laughed at me as she forced me to fuck her
>actually non ironically scarred me mentally
>been single because of that for years
>nobody actually would believe me
>suspect nearly all women, even new crush of being like that as well
>"she probably wants me to choke her while I fuck her hard and mercilessly" and look at her with that expression
>doesnt seem really phased, not sure if body language made that clear or not
>actually want to try to prevent from that from happening by withholding sex as much as possible, and being very tsundere around females (fuck you its a good way to express this)
>probably will fail and wont get a long term gf which I could trust

Have you tried talking with her? Show your beta boy side and talk about feelings, or just confront her about her being distant.

Seems like you’re fine user. Usually it’s the opposite if she cheating, as in she doesn’t have sex with you at all. Quit being emotional you wet blanket.

who cares

just start talking to other girls and fuck her in the meantime

Post her bob vagene and we will judge her thotness and hotness.

Also fuck her butthole. She will love you for it.

If the request comes in the form of dubs I guess I have too.

make it so.

preemtive strike the cunt, tell her you need a break


wtf is wrong with everyone in this thread?

Stop being a fucking autist and just ask her what's going on. Christ




this, but be mad and be an asshole and dont be emotionally available. stare her down like you re about to beat her

rock'n roll

Well, the good news is that she's not fucking anyone else if she's pumping you dry like that. The bad news is that you're relationship is over. You're just a fuck toy until she finds someone else.


also storming out after fighting is not mandatory, but highly advised

Surely he will deliver. Of course user will not disappointment. No way we’re all idiots for trying.


Not good senpai. Rolling for nudes anyway

Rolling for bobs and vagene.

Do it faggot.

not cool dude don't do it


>expecting reasonable advise from a board of 15 year old fitness LARPers who frequent theredpill and pay money for dating advice books

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Winrar. Now comes the disappointment.

Kek op there are guys out there who say they don't care if she cheats as long as she comes home to me
But she lives with you
and she's cheating with you
what the fuck is this kek

Post Bob Vagene fitnigger or the gains goblin will get you.

Sounds like it's possible she's not happy in the relationship and got some advice about trying to make you happier. A lot of times when you're not happy in a relationship it's a cycle where you treat eachother worse and worse, she may be trying to turn it around hoping you'll be better to her.

If you care about her maybe try to get some relationship counseling if talking to her doesn't get you anywhere, or go by yourself to talk to someone to figure out what you should be doing.

I guess you´re gonna have to then.

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How does it feel to be emotionally cucked by a soyboy, bitch bull

Yeah look at you you sexy thick dick. How does it feel to be used as nothing but a piece of meat for sex and then she runs off with Fletcher to have deep emotional conversations after you cum on her face like the fuck you are

Fucking bull cuck emotion-let will never satisfy her feelings like Fletcher

Come on, OP. Don't be a faggot. The digits demand it.

do it


ew she sounds like a gross whore desu
you must be physically attractive and clearly you have a sensitive side - this is what most girls crave

dump the drunken whore and get yourself an intelligent warm-hearted cutie
fucking intelligent warm-hearted cuties is more fun anyway
sex without a connection is pretty awful
if you're not into, it legitimately feels like rape.

have some self respect

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I'm not that guy but...
That unironically hurt my feelings.

ffs 1/10 chance

then actually beat her.

How about take control in the bedroom faggot, and take her out to dinner

Do it

milk trucc inbound

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again, this is not mandatory but highly advised. proceed with caution don't hit her in the face or other visible areas of the body


this has nothing to do with fitness. fuck off and kys you faggot.

reminder: sage, report and ignore shit posters.



>77 get and you post your ass and dick, too

I've cropped out a bob pic, but am super nervous about posting it...

So what's your plan OP? You going to sit her down and force a conversation about the issue? Or continue on like this until the relationship inevitably ends

Kek, faggot I'm not actually going to deliver I just wanted some (you)s

Come on, you don't even like her anyways

Lel. Women will sometimes fuck you more when they're cucking you. Some people believe it's out of guilt others think that it's biological in order to create sperm competition inside them another theory is that they only do it when they're not ovulating to ensure you stick around as beta provider while Chad inseminates her when she's actually fertile.

crop out the face not bobs. Without a face most women look the same.

she's probably fucking someone else on the side and trying to make it up to you by being a mega-whore in bed.

also, she's also more than just fucking him, it definitely sounds like emotional involvement.

tell her to fuck off and save your dignity. I'd check her phone just to be sure. the bitch deserves it.

also, post nudes.

What do you have to lose? She's a slut and I bet her nudes on every local Chad's phone by now

I've had to crop out everything except the boobs, she has tattoos she can be IDd by

Who the fuck cares about a random turboslut?

I'll be the one to save this thread. Watch:


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This is some facebook tier brainlet post. Youve got to be a very nimpressive nigger.

ok so roll

Rolling out

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Implying she knows anyone other then you who is autistic enough to be on Veeky Forums

Time for a sitdown, its gonna be painful

Im guessing shes trying to get the old spark back but none of you are feeling it.


That is pathetic user.


kill yiurselfl

dude, you took forever to post scribbled over/not even nudes.

not only that but you succumb to peer pressure. I mean the image is basically worthless because most guys see more than that when you take her to the beach.


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this is such a niche problem. But i have it too

Not too long ago I went from barely having sex to having 3/4 partners that I was sorta pursuing. One by one I realized they were like this and the last one who was really cute and I actually liked eventually asked me to choke her during sex and I just felt deeply disgusted and like I had lost something

Don't even get me wrong, I love choking girls during sex. But something about them wanting to be just makes me horribly sad, like I'll never really connect to them

thanks bro

Fuck off man, I see you on every post with a person replying a random name hoping that you get lucky and scare them. I've never seen you guess right before and it always pisses me off so pls stop

plz show bobs and vagene

nah dude i just used to bang a chick with similar tits

What the fuck is an "emotional affair"?

So another option for you is to start doing some romantic shit that she likes or w/e and see where that goes. Maybe she is trying to light up a spark that has been going out for a while and hoping that it will come back this way, or make you show you care in a more elaborate manner. Maybe she has some other emotional trouble that she is dealing with by doing this shit. Try it.

It's because you're not a degenerate, user. The sadness you feel is the realisation that the jews have corrupted women to the point that being a broken whore is the norm

based op