How do I pull this off? Virgin and need this to work.
Also to keep fitness related what is the best workout for rear delts?

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open bob

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pullups are good for rear delts
inb4 plebs who dont know how to do pullups properly

Also op what the fuck kind of pick up line is that. make some joke about getting to know her i guess

brown girls are either sluts or teases

this one sounds like the latter

show vegana

Rear delt flys

Been trying to get my pullups better but I swing so much. I thought it was an alright line, it's not exactly failed

face pulls?

maybe i dont know anything about pickup lines

for pullups try to do even just a few with perfect form, and then do the rest however you can. you should tense your whole body basically, helps to lift your legs back as if you're kneeling and flex your abs, keep your shoulders back

you started off "hot" now you have to keep it going, spending the least amount of time as possible before meeting up

don't act pushy but generally, keep it mildly flirty to degree; you need to get her number or snapchat

if you're somewhat attractive, good for you but don't for one second get boring if you want to pull this off

Okay thanks user

yeah I realised I dived in pretty fast that's why I came here. I'm not chad but I'm more than average.

we'll get to know each other at my place

nope, she won't work out for you

if you were chad she would have given you her number right away

>Implying shit pick up lines don't work

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fucking gross, you're literally a jester for some 6/10 bitch. How can you read that and not be ashamed? She added you on snap to increase her orbiter audience

>Come round to mine and lets get to know eachother.

She isnt the type of girl who's going to come round though, She just likes the attention.

In my succesfull, yet breif experience of trolling dating websites for thots you need to;

Set up shop for what you want.

I.e Post a photo of you topless with a dickprint, This filters the chicks who will reply, 30% thots who want to fuck, 70% attention whores.

Shark for pussy at peak hours - Friday/Saturday nights are the best times to pick up random sluts to fuck in moments - The blend of being alone and drunk makes them unjudgeable in the eyes of other women, and horny.

Dont waste time on pen pals.

women who want to talk are not women who want to get fucked.

these tips should optimise your online pussy slaying abilities.

God speed anons.

she's fat with a manface

good job

I'm 19, nobody asks for number just snapchat

Well considering we fucked I think not


snapchat means she black pilled you

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good job but for me personally no way in hell i'd demean myself for some 6/10 white girl pussy

Have some self respect. Embarrassing.

More pics of her before we decide to bully pls

I didn't mean just her... People my age only use snapchat, nobody cares about numbers anymore. Would just make me look autistic

i remember when i was 5.5 120 lbs back in the day and i was slammin this whale at 5'9 170 lbs. she was screaming like a pig getting phucked silly.
then out the blue my mom and dad bust right through the door thinking some bitch was getting massacred in my room
theres me buttnaked with a red sparkley cowboy hat on ridin this pig into a fit

mother was in sheer disgust she immmediatelly ran out the room and went nc on me for 2 days
dad burst out laughing and said ill see you down stairs later cowboy and gave me a cheeky smile and went down stairs ,
i finished that fat bich off then had a cigerrete and watched the rest of topgear.

end of the day pussy is pussy
aslong as she has good hygiene and a nice ass or nice pair of tits send that fat bich my way srs

dad gave me $hit for phucking a whale tho , but zero phucks are given

Srs she is a 5. Would not bang

I think shes qt

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she looks like a 35 year old slavic prostitute

Kekked. Good mindset

post yourself now

t. too scared to try tinder since I feel I'm not good looking enough to compete with the chads

Body shot

>she looks like a 35 year old slavic prostitute
>implying that's not the ideal woman.

Looks like the type of girl you'd see working at the garden centre. bet she has fingerless gloves and listens to linkin park too

She looks like eliza


nice one, no supermodel but definitely fuck worthy
anyone who disagrees is obviously an incel or whiteknight


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She is fuckable for sure.

Good job user

she is good looking user

she's kinda cute but the more I look the more I realise she's not and that her face looks like someone that just got found in a river

You guys look cute
Gj user

That’s a man

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she's qt, congrats user. are you pumping and dumping or going for a relationship or what

start lifting

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Just because you don't want to be mean doesn't mean you have to call her "cute." Just don't say anything, fags.

nah, just a paki


OP here. I didn't even notice that nose holy shit. don't need you guys help anymore

>tfw no

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>Virgin and need this to work
first of all ditch this attitude

second of all just fuck with her. she's literally just some slut.

Thanks lads I know I'm still skele

I believe in you guys

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Maybe... just maybe it's not all about looks user

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Did she even understand the joke?

maybe after all, all you had to be, was yourself

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>these are the guys giving you advice on Veeky Forums


Post pic of yourself.

Nobody wants the real me, not even me.

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I don't know, she said it was random but it's fucking tinder how's it different from other pick up lines

You people know the rules. Dubs

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>playing basketball
>up 5
>"if you come back and win ill delete tinder"

have fun guys, choke master over here will watch from afar

>not taking advice from someone who is capable of knowing the touch of a woman

also this

Hey at least I'm not full skelly

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I've heard of a forehead, but that right there is at least a fivehead.

That's why you have no gf.

Accept and forgive yourself instead of looking for someone else to fix you. Get your life in order before inviting someone else into it.


She doesn't even have a 5head. But nice dubs


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1. Make Tinder account
2. Put "loves young kids, infertile, wants mom with new baby"
3. Flooded by desperate single moms who just got pumped and dumped by Tyrone
4. Choose the milkiest
5. Take her on a few dates and dote over her baby
6. She sleeps over with her baby
-Make sure she's logged into Facebook on one of your devices or hers before the next steps-
7. While she's asleep, lock her in the soundproof cell you prepared for this moment
8. Chain her up and pull out the breast pump
9. You force her to call in to work and quit her job
10. Update her Facebook with "The light of my life died, #cureSIDS"
11. Milk her
12. Use her phone to impersonate her on social media
13. Milk her more
14. Keep milking/impregnating her and killing the baby to make sure she lactates
15. Enjoy your milkies
16. Repeat with another Tinder slut

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Pretty sure this is the plot of a hentai manga I read recently.


Can I fuck her while you watch

Another one.

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why do you dress like a whore, stupid bitch

Well done user

>people unironically posting facepics on Veeky Forums without being abused for it
this place has changed

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14b. Sex with babby

Hey girl. I put the STD in "STUD" now all I need is U

He's fairly good looking. Veeky Forums isn't as bitter as before. The bitter fucks are busy saving the world (LMAO) on /pol/.

indian, paki same thing pajeet

my favourite thing to do when I get matched with a shitskin is to tell them I've found their facebook and I'm going to tell their family that they're on tinder, you'd be surprised how quickly their profiles disappear, it's fucking hilarious

I just came, thanks.

*SNIIFFF* mm yes *snifsnif* oh my yes delicious *snuff* a fruity aroma with undertones of chocolate *snifsnifsnif* give us another, mommy!


I have crippling depression, but I wanna be pressing this D into you until your crippled

Roll for this

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>decide to try and get matches of names starting with every letter of the alphabet
>look trough my matches to see witch letters I already have
>half of my matches have names starting with L
>my name starts with L


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>tfw you enter a room and it makes the sound of skeleton walking in 1998 rpg

user with the brown hair blue eye girl here, heres what to do
>Tinder profile includes usual stuff "expect butt touching" so girls know what you're there for
>Ask if they want the usual hello or a shit pickup line, they will say the pickupline. This is how you get them at least a little interested.
>Pic your favorite Veeky Forums pickup line (I've used the archeologist one before too)
>They are now interested because this guy is different, sexually confident, and laid back enough to be goofy
>ask them to send their best pickup line
>aquire snapchat through convo
>keep being sexual if she's into it and that's what you want
>don't spill spaghett

It will take a few tries, but when I went home for 2 weeks I banged 3 girls like this. Message multiple girls, don't catch oneitis, and try to find a good one you might want to see again.

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I hope it works.

Of course it’s not going to work you mong. The point isn’t to hook up. The point is to entertain you anons. One more.