Other one is reaching its limit
Can i get a bf estimate?

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No more than 14% bodyfat.

Thank you. My scale says 19 but tjat seemed to high

>Quads given to a 6'7 warrior
Sounds about right

There's no way you're 19% bodyfat or anywhere close. Biometric bodyfat measures (through your feet) are unbelievably inaccurate.

>Can i get a bf estimate?

why it's only dyel fags who look like dog shit are so concerned about their bf percentage?

>gay tattoo

I usually compare to the scale images but always wonder if they are foexed

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Which is the most accurate way to measure it?

15 or so.

Weight? Stats? I wonder how much a 6'7 guy who looks like that can lift.

>looks like that

Im 100kg
Bench 107kg
Squat 160 kg
DL 180kg
OhP 60kg 4x8 (shoulder injury)

This one is pretty good.

123 lbs
squat and DL 115 lbs for reps
up to 2 rep sets on pullups
5 rep sets on pushups
scoliosis, spinal fusion, 47 years old

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Wew that OHP is fucking insane. You sure you are not push pressing?



Id use my legs too much.
Besides i like shoulder isolation better

In all seriousness, you look great. As a 19 year old with scoliosis it's very encouraging to see someone more mature than I still hitting the weights even with the condition and all.

that's nothing too crazy. I overhead press 86 kg for sets of 3 and my bench is 140 kg. Some people are just built for processes. My deadlift, for example, is barely 190 kg.

What do I work on fit? Rates?

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It is crazy compared to the way he looks and his other lifts.

I do a lot of balance and alternating sides work (bird dogs etc) to keep my stabilizers strong. Working on loosening up my hip flexors on the tight side and stuff like that. Lots of yoga (a little every day, a lot on some days). Some special practices just for scoliosis. With the curvature you're going to have tight areas and weak areas on the opposing side, it's important to keep the maintenance on all that besides lifting. Ty for kind feedback -- Mommy. lol

I've got a weirdly high strict OHP as well which is at 65kg x 5 at 75kg bw. It's strict unless shooting your pelvis forward a la Ripptoe is considered cheating

Thanks for the tips. Will definitely look into yoga. Any experience with physiotherapy? I got recommended to do it after I learned I had scoliosis, but I honestly just couldn't be arsed.

Ill take that as a compliment
I used to be a goalie so my shoulders got a lot of blows. After breaking a leg and a finger (two different matches) i decided it wasnt worth the money i was earning with it

Just yoga. I did years of chiropractic pre-fusion. Once I got hardware in me they dont' really want to do the bone-cracking adjustments that I like from the chiropractor and all he was having me do was stretches and crap that I do every day anyway.

Prettt much goalbody/10

Chest routine?

Mirin vascularity. Are you on tren?

I'm too fat.

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I'm natty

Usually flat barbell bench building up to heavy 3x3-5 then drop setting by half plate until I get to 135 for amrap

Then incline Dumbell and incline flyes, weighted dips if my shoulders feel good and a lot of squeezing my chest between sets.

lol this guy is considered jacked by 99% of women out there.

Jelly manlet detected

im not a woman and i don't look at other men as sex partners you dumb faggot. What your gay post has to do with anything i mentioned there?

first step is acceptance. You have a great base/frame though, will look deezed after a good cut.

not really
I agree with the guy you quoted and I'm 6'6"
I almost hate lanklets more than manlets, it's stemming from my deep self hate

Yes your are. Eat less you fat fuck

Just keep lifting your weight looks fine. All you need is more recomposition.

You'll look big when you cut, so get to cutting.

Cutting, bad idea or good for the summer?

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What you going to cut, your hair?

no fat no muscle wtf are you even doing here

Are you by any chance german?


focus on your chest instead of doing curls all day long, then cut

On it senpai.
Tried it, ended up stalling weight and strength in a few weeks

I'm a manlet too so when I cut I look DYEL as fuck (pic related)

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Well, you're not going to make substantial muscle gains til summer but you can get pretty damn cut. You don't have a lot of muscle on you so you won't look good, you'll probably look pretty skelly when you cut down. Also, sorry about your hips.

There is a navy calculator in the /fat/ threads. I use calipers and take an average from those, the calculator and picture charts

That elephant is looking for nuts...

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Lmao tf y u cutting? Build some more muscle on your pecs and abs

needa take a new pic, but this is basically where I'll be at in a week or so. This was last summer.
>5"8 140

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Something is off about you but I can't tell what.

right shoulder, pictured left, is disproportionally big compared to the rest of his arm

Yeah it probably looks like that cause I'm grippin my iphone. But yeah since then I'm really focusing on symmetry other than just getting abs.

Like I realize my right side is a tad bit bigger than my left and my upper chest kinda lags behind. workin on it.

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nice shoulders bro what do you ohp?

5'9 165 lbs
Is cutting to ~ 155 lbs by end of may realistic?

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172 lbs

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>176 @ 6'

The guy's got a bicep vein because he's not fat, if his physique screams roids to you you need to up your standards.

my lifts are complete shit. i didnt OHP then. If I did it'd probably be something pathetic like 80 pounds for reps.

for shoulders I do

dumbell lateral raises 3 x 8-10
dumbell front raises 3 x 8 - 10
seated/standing shoulder press 3 x 8 10
reverse pec deck 3 x 8- 10

I do a drop set every last set of each exercise.

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lean bulking from skelly mode. Probably will be ready for the next summer.

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hey brothers, starting a cut soon, 187lbs, 6'0.

what do you reckon's my current bodyfat percentage

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you better post routine right fucking now my dude
mirin hard

≈ 160 lbs

1 year lifting from 145 lbs
2 years from being a 215 lb fat fuck

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Decent progress. Need to hammer that chest though

Okay enough people have asked so I'll just make a pic one sec

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>awkward lanklet
never gonna make it.

that’s considered gyno??

Pls kill me now

Mon: Chest + Shoulders + Triceps
Tue: Legs + Abs
Wed: Back + Biceps + Abs
Thur: Legs
Fri: Chest + Shoulders + Triceps
Sat: Back + Biceps + Abs

Abs are done everyday (except for Sun). Usually Athelean X 6 - 7 minute ab workouts back to back.
Diet was pristine, proteins were 93/7% lean ground turkey and beef. Skinless chicken drumsticks and chicken thighs. Canned tuna and sardines in olive oil/water, (not shit Bumblebee soy trash) and nuts such as Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Brazil nuts. (never peanuts they are trash)
With every meal I included a healthy dose of vegetables (sweet potatoes, zucchini) I always had fruit as well.
Most important is to vary your fruits and vegetables, don't just have an apple or banana. Eat blackberries, pears, etc.
I only drank water, black coffee, and green tea.

>fuck the pic I'm too brainlet to make one

Underwear under compression shorts? What the fuck?

Lange darm nu nog wat spiertjes kweken. Stats/lifts?

His abs are two tubes instead of being defined individually. Weird ab insertions.

Al genoemd maar 2 meter 03
107 bank
160 kraken
180 dodentillen
En door een schouderblessure lage bovenhoofddruk

work my throat daddy

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Don't listen to the assholes saying you have no muscle. Good on you for getting in better shape than 99% of people out there. Whether you cut or bulk from there is up to how you want to look for summer.


What kind of routine is that???

Is this what is referred to as a brosplit??

Fatsoenlijke statistieken voor 1.5 jaar training.

Btw 160 hurken of pletten, taalbarbaar.

I cant gain weight and if I don't smoke weed I have no appetite

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needs moar chest and traps. you have lots of potential for gains and a decent frame on which to build it. good good go!

Your delts are fucking insane brah I'm mirin' hard, some pirate ass motherfucker knows where to go if he runs out of cannonballs.


Don't be a pussy. Gotta force feed yourself if you want to make it

6'6 ~216
bench 120kg
squat 140kg
dl 200kg
shoulder still fucked so no ohp & heavy pullups

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Looking pretty good. Your traps could use more work and your hips look wide. Might just be your pants though.

Yep, this is a bro split. Btw to achieve the body in the pic I never barbell benched, just dumbbell. But yeah I did a lot of dumbbell/barbell rows and weighted pullups for back.

Also for legs, I would either do sprints (just Youtube "sprint workout" and click on first video - just increase volume to advance) or lifting.

Cardio is fasted in the morning and was either sprints, 45min HIIT cardio (Millonaire Hoy on Youtube), 30 - 40 minutes of jump rope, 6 mile fasted walk/jog.
I felt insanely healthy.

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kek, thanks man was hard work!

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Can I get a bf estimate lads?
Lost 6kg since December and plan on cutting until full abs and obliques.
Most my fat seems to be on my lower belly, sides and legs.

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Are you just asking to get called a faggot?

My back looks good but still no lower abs or leg definition yet.

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What is her name

You look great for being 47. Keep it up

michelle cera

Time to cut, it's clear you've got plenty of muscle underneath

Rate me I am currently 250lbs at 5'10

I know I'm heavy as fuck but will I look shredded at 200lbs?

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So sexy

You are incredibly fat. Stop eating like shit, stop making excuses and sort yourself out with proper diet and discipline. It'll take at least two years but you'll make it if your will is strong enough


Read the book Eat to Live and you can lose that shit if you actually follow the diet. One year.

19 y old natty

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You are 10-11