Gym aztec starts blowing death whistle

>gym aztec starts blowing death whistle

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>gym commando detained another guy who set off the lunk alarm

>Gym wizard turned me into a frog for doing loud deadlifts

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This is crazy. My gf just got home from a trip to mexico and just gave me a whistle and heres a thread mentioning them. I didnt even know they exist til now.

>gym gladiator runs manlet through with a pike on his chariot

>gf just got home from a trip to Mexico



>Gym witch doctor turned all the barbells into eels

>gym sirens lured all my liftmates to the cardio depths below

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>go to a DL platform
>notice my crush doing squats just across me
>decide to impress her, 4pl8s baby here we go
>work my way up, she keeps eyeing me
>the big lift is coming
>smile at her and get ready to lift
>gym hussar comes in
>takes my crush on his horse and rides to the OHP section
I fucking hate that faggot so goddamn much

>Gym technomancer has given the smith machine feelings
>won’t stop asking us to come use it

>tfw penis pumper starts charging more money per pump so the cardio bunnies no longer stare at my junk

>gym chimp starts flinging poo at fatties again

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>Not breaking PRs
Never gonna leave humanity behind.

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>Gym jester stole all the 10kg plated again
>to get them back you have to sit through his routine

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>gym got bombed by the planet fitness across the street
>we’re getting ready to mount a counter attack at first light

>gym tornado sirens activated
>had to rush everyone downstairs into the manlet zone for safety
>they kept nipping at our ankles until we got the all clear signal and could go back out

>gym boyars plot to overthrow the gym king
>manlet spies uncover the conspiracy
>king exiles the traitors to the vegan bar area
>manlet pit gets one foot higher as a reward

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>Gym Chaplain holding up the preacher curl seat again....

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>Gym executioner is taking out to the guillotine every man that doesn't keep a good form during reps.
About time.

>Gym Rogue stole my gains

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There was something about them on reddit and now thry are all over the place. Will be gone in 3 weeks

>on weight reracking duty for the next fortnight because couldn't pay the dyel tax this month

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>gf just got home from a trip to mexico
ur babies

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>little guy tries to work in on the squat rack with me without paying the manlet tax

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>gf went to mexico
I feel good for the spic that lost his virginitý with your gal :)

>gym bounty hunter switched to passive mode after killing my spot mate

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>all these replies about getting cucked


>almost got caught deflowering the gym vestal
Too fucking close, that would have been a crucifixion for sure.

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>Gym Chaplain preaching the gospel of ZYZZs
>Other denomination starts vowing their life to jeff
>holy war of gains commences

>Gym Quidditch champion attached a brush onto the barbell
>Threw my shake to take him out but fucker catched it airborne and won't give it back

>gym Chad keeps screaming LIGHTWEIGHT BABY whenever I lift

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>Gym paladin won't stop glaring at me
Thank god the gym lich protects us skeletons

>gym egyptian slave racks 10pl8 for ohp
>aliens come and he completes the set no problem

Did you Awaken your masters?

>lost my gold ring
>descent into manlet pit
>they scramble into corners like rats
>a door to their basement catches my eye
>enter the long dark empty corridor
>discover an ancient, desolated labyrinth of chambers and passageways
>walls decorated with ancient manlet inscriptions
>shelves full of long lost books filled with unfathomable manlet wisdom
>takes hours to make my way through ageless cobwebs and absolute darkness
>finally reach the bottom and can't believe my eyes
>a fucking dragon sleeping on manlet gains

Pretty good

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>new qt at the gym
>gym baron decrees prima noctis

>Pic Related, it's you

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I like this thread a lot.

>40lb eel curls

>gym blacksmith forged the barbells crooked again


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