High carb or low carb?

high carb or low carb?

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Keto is primarily for two groups, fatties and diabetics.

If you are not in those two groups, there's no real reason to go keto.

And if you're going to say "I'm not doing keto, just low carb", then punch yourself in the face because that's just stupid.

Do whatever you want.
It makes 0 difference

medium carb

balanced diet
no added sugars
drink water

high protein

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I'm a fatty and agree.
Once I regain my human form going to switch back to normal food, just less of it and Way less beer.

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If you're fat, avoid carbs if you're weak of spirit (or math).
They aren't as filling as proteins and fats so they can cause people who are susceptible to binging to do so.
If you're a normal human being who counts their calories, it doesn't matter at all.
At a TDEE of 2500, you could eat a whole loaf of white bread a day (~2000 calories) and still lose weight.

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im ending day 3 of

Have you looked into keto's effects on brain function and development, gut health, the immune system, and hormone balance? Thats's just a few non-weight related benefits that come to mind. In case you haven't, you're just spreading misinformation.

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