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Gonna be honest my wiener isnt massive. Anyone have experience with male enhancement? How about jelqing or pumps? Is it all just a meme and im stuck with baby dick forever?

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penis enlargement is a meme

you're stuck with the dick you've got

jelqing, pumps, and pills only increase bloodflow to your dick which some people interpret as "making your dick bigger" but it's not

it's a meme
the only thing that isn't a meme is surgery (which is kind of a meme) or losing weight
a fair amount of your dick is inside you so less fat = looks longer


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Hijacking the thread, but does anyone know if there is a legitimate way to straighten the penis? Mine bends at like a 40 degree angle. Should i just go to a doctor?

if youre less than v you can take masteron

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hahahahahhahhahahah fuck

Don't lose hope boyo. Don't worry about making it bigger until you're at 12% bodyfat. Your dick is biggest when you're most cut

honestly most women prefer a curve because it basically adds to girth. it's not hard to understand how if you think about it for a second

thanks brother guess ill just keep at it then

anyone know where I can find more of this chick?

I was 5.5x4.5 before I started stretching and jelqing. Now I'm 6.5x5. Been taking a break for the past few months though. I'm planning on starting again soon, to see if I can hit 7x5.5.

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What do the numbers mean?
Are they inches?

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the inches is on the right

stretching and bathmating kind of works though as long as you do it everyday, and only in making soft benis as long as hard benis, if you don’t keep on it it’ll shrink back to normal

that girls looks like me except im a dude. nice numbers btw

post bussy

real gains or just measurement by eye?

Real gains. Took over a year so it's not quick by any means. Just keep at it, and stay consistent. Take breaks if sensitivity gets too low, or your dick starts hurting.

PE gym 90 day routine. Do it, stop being lazy.

The shit works

are you using this?

Similar, yeah. Except I held the stretches for time, instead of kegel reps. I started at around 20 seconds, then every week, I'd add another 5 seconds, until I was up to a minute. Still did the kegels, though.

I also added Flaccid Bends, did the same thing with time, but no kegels for those. By the time I was done with all of the stretches, I was decently hard, then I'd do some Erect Squeezes, hold the compression for 5 seconds per rep, 20 reps per set, maybe 2-3 sets. Then I'd go into just regular jelqs. 50 reps per set like he did, started at 3 sets, then each week I'd add another set, until I was up to a total of 300 jelqs, at which point I'd stop adding sets. Reapply lube between sets.

After I was done, I'd just jerk myself off, and take a shower.

I didn't do the V Jelqs, btw.

That's testicle lenght in centimetres