Is rice good or bad? If its bad what is better?

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good, beans are much better, tastier, much more protein and other vitamins and minerals.

>not eating beans and rice together

rice is shit because it needs so much water to grow and chinese childhands are picking each single rice kernel and get payed 0,0003 cents for each

>>not eating beans and rice together


GI's way higher than pasta. Good cheap food, but can't be used as more than a spacer unless you want to feel like shit for a while.

I hope so because I just ate a ton of it

I'm eating red lentils with black bean puree
high fiber, high protein

Tasty, dirt cheap, lots of calories, stores easily and for a long time. Yeah I’d say really rice is good. Don’t go crazy or anything always have more meat and veg than you do rice and you’re golden.

stop using commas where there should be a period

Are bots making threads to keep this board alive? I swear it's just the same threads over and over.

No, I'm just new here (2nd post)

Red lentils are better

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And a beep boopity bloop to you too.

white rice and potatoes (all kinds) are my go to carb sources, without counting fruit and veggies
rarely do I eat pasta or other stuff

good. if i dont eat it, my lifts are going to feel heavier

Beans and potatoes have better nutritional quality, but rice is perfectly fine as a cheap source of calories and carbs.

it is a food source, it does not know of morals

How do you make them
I used to just boil into a sludge but i got tired of that

>get cauliflower
>grate that shit up
>dry it out a bit
>you now have a alternative to rice with the same texture, and no calories, carbs or fat

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>implying I'm not eating rice for its specific nutrients
be gone fatty

Red beans and rice for every lunch

Rice is calorie a dense but relatively low nutrition food. There's no good or bad, it depends on your goal. If you're trying to lose fat, avoiding carbs is naturally the easiest way to do so. If you're bulking, good luck gaining any weight without carbs.
I feel like the average person eats too much, though. Less carbs and more fibrous vegetables and you'll feel the same level of satiety but in less calories.

>not eating rice, potatoes, or oats for your carbs

what is wrong with you