How can a man best boost his testosterone as naturally as possibly?

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Work out and fuck woman

eat onions

workout using bags of onions instead of plates

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fuck women using onions

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naturally inject the naturally occurring hormone testosterone

No. Fap.

As OP this is probably the the right answer. I will do both and will report back.

Also this; you degenerates.

By using your natural brain to go online and buy exogenous test.

expose your crotch area to sun for 15-30 min, for even more effect, your whole body. I feel horny after that session like i am 14 again.

I don't really get why fucking woman is good for testosterone but masturbating is bad, how can your endocrine system know if you're using your hand or not?

Serious answer
>vit d3 3000
>2 Brazil nuts

In addition obvious stuff like sleeping, healthy diet, and lifting heavy

Because women ooze pheromones that tell you body that you are actually putting your dick in a wet pussy.
Also sex releases oxicocene or hiwever that shit is spelled.
It's gud.

Oxytocin. And yeah. Sticking your dick in a pussy is just different than doing it yourself, I can't really describe it beyond that.

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Tske Cink and Vitamin D3.
Get Sun.
Have Sex with women.
Lift heavy.
Do some cardio.
If GF aviable, do stuff with her, spending time with your partner increases test.

Eat healthy, get wuality 7-8 hours of sleep.
Avoid sugar.
Listen to metal.
Take cold showers, especially try to keep your testicles cool.

If you can, consume garlic and onions.
But not too regular or else you will simply stink like a jar of rancid moosepiss.

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cold shower, no alcohol, workout and pussy. if you speak french you can listen this vid



Insert raw onion in anus for optimal uptake and high est block

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Buy the book.
Raise expectations.
Eat a ton of protein.
Squat heavy.
Fuck you.
Pay me.

thanks for the advice, Jim

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Use Mucuna Pruriens. Cycle it though or you might fry your dopamine receptors and find yourself dealing with Parkinson's when you're an old man. I take 5 grams a day for 3 weeks on and two weeks off. It might make you a little bit crazy though so be careful.

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it's the shame that kills your t

should i peel the onion pls answer brb buying onions


Move to dangerous living conditions

healthy life
good food
lots of physical exercise
fresh air

Being more active and resting and sitting down as little as possible.

Doing something physically strenuous that pushes your body very hard in a short period of time. Lactic acid is good.

Sunlight on as much of your bareskin as possible. Naked sun bathing is great.

Sleep in the dark away from wifi signals and blue light naked.

Building more muscle mass. You don't need to be the Hulk, but being relatively muscular and strong and fit has clear benefits

Do things in your day to day life. Accomplish goals.

Give up masturbation and porn and overt sexual imagery completely. It ruins you.

Don't go vegan unless you've absolutely ruined your body and need to go vegan to slightly unfuck your health.
Healthy fatty meats, veg, berries, some nuts and some fruits.

Keep hydrated.

Unless you are highly active and or training or a growing teen or pregnant woman or trying to get pregnant, don't do the eat 6 meals a day thing or constantly snack on things. It's stupid and will lead to diabetes and a whole host of illnesses.

Being in the same room as a fertile sexually attractive woman boosts test. Interacting with her boosts test even more then that.
Fucking her in a quasi rape kind of way is peak test boost levels.

Stress, emotional, physical and mental, will kill you faster then any other thing.
Learn to deal with it or be killed by it.

by looking at this pic

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cool story but

>plebbit spacing

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Anyone tried red light therapy?


This. NoFap fucking works

>victim of 531
What happened?

>by Ben (((Greenfield)))
>just $995
The main effect seems to be an increase in vitamin d production. Supplement d3 is much cheaper.

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I don't know a scientific explanation to this, but here is my anecdote and conjecture.

I felt like a pussy every time I looked at porn and jerked off. After I quit porn, I felt like fighting, working out, and fucking when I jerked off. I don't KNOW if quitting porn gave me a test boost, but it fucking feels WAY different.

I looked at some pretty mild porn the other day after months without, jerked off, and I'm only starting to feel better now.

Porn fucks me up way too much, and I feel like a man without it.

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dem legs

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That's all true but you forgot the most important part:

Wear onion rings as cock-rings 24/7.

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Respect the demon digits


>Zinc and Magnesium
>Vitamin D, best to get it from the sun
>Stop jacking off

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How ya goin maaate?


Because God knows, you sinful fuck.

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Does it count if the sunlight is through a window, or does it have to be outside?

zinc and vitamin d are vital, as is a caloric surplus and slight overhydration

cocoa is a myostatin inhibitor not a testosterone booster

onions are an natural aromatase inhibitor which will lower estrogen, and only indirectly increase testosterone

Getting cucked

Not that guy, but from what I know sunlight through a window does not give the vitamin D effects that direct sunlight gives.

i'm going to add to this that pomegranates are the only "natural T booster" outside of basic essential nutrients and minerals that has been proven to increase both free and bound levels of testosterone

Here is the big secret. Everything you do is connected and affects your whole system. Stop thinking in terms of "how can I boost test" or "how can I get harder erections". Instead ask yourself, "how can I be as healthy as possible?" As your health (one of the only things that truly matters) gets better, so will the areas in your life including sexual health. What good is raising your testosterone if you're plagued with physical maladies, mental blocks/disorders, etc?

>tomboy with abs

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I do this and have noticed benefits. For me personally (took me a 5 months to get what is best for me)
10,000 IU with vit K
I haven't tried Brazil Nuts.
Zinc I take 150mg EoD. Note I take Zinc Gluconate in 25mg tabs so I'm getting about 20mg of actual Zinc. I take Gluconate because of absorption reasons.

Did I test my test? No. But my skin looks great and I've been feeling great for 3 months now.

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it must be public area, try school yard

I laffed.

Sex, lifting and zinc

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